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Veterans: Tips To Make The Most Of Your GI Bill Benefits

Promo Image: Veterans: Tips To Make The Most Of Your GI Bill Benefits

The birthday of the Marines Corps comes one day before Veterans Day, which we honor Friday, November 11.

If you are a veteran, the GI Bill can help you earn a debt-free degree.

Under the Post-9/11 version of the bill, you may be eligible for up to 36 months of college or career training.

You must have served on active duty after September 10, 2001, and were discharged honorably or with a disability, or are still on active duty.

You can also get a monthly housing allowance and yearly book stipend.

You need to serve at least 36 months on active duty to be eligible for the full benefits, but you can get a portion if you served less active time.

Here’s some advice from the experts if you do use the benefits.

– Save them for your most expensive tuition bill.

– If you decide to go the online route, take at least one class per semester in person.

– Earn as many credits as you can per semester.

– Beware of misleading schools.

– For-profit schools tend to have higher tuition and lower graduation rates.

– Submit the FAFSA.

On top of your GI benefits, you’ll likely be eligible for additional federal, state and privately funded financial aid.

For more information about GI benefits, check out the , or the .

You can also find more information about applying for here.