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Central Michigan University Collaborates to Curb Student Alcohol, Drug Addiction

Promo Image: Central Michigan University Collaborates to Curb Student Alcohol, Drug Addiction

In cities across the country, drugs and alcohol can be problems — that includes on college campuses.

It can lead to substance abuse issues.

That’s why a local university wants to arm its students with information before the problem even starts.

CM CREW is an effort by the Ten 16 Recovery Network, Central Michigan University and the City of Mount Pleasant to curb that trend.

“They’ve been at home for 18 years, now they’re moving out for the first time,” said CMU Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Tony Voison. “There’s a lot of Independence, a lot of decisions.”

Sometimes those decisions aren’t the right ones and on any college campus, drugs and alcohol can creep their way in.

That includes locally, at Central Michigan University.

“Twenty-thousand students working and living together. So because of that there are needs not only to provide education and promotional efforts, but also in some cases support.”

The reason behind a new program called CM CREW.

When it launches next week — the Ten 16 Recovery Network will offer a network of support to students on campus.

“For those currently in recovery from substance abuse disorder and providing recovery support services, peer support groups, one on one coaching,” said CM CREW Program Supervisor Jessica Miller.

It’s for students across the board — those in recovery and those who may just be experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

“This is not healthy for you. And if you are struggling that you have a place to come on campus, and that would be the CM CREW office.”

Recovery can be tough when you’re surrounded by the very things you want to avoid.

This is a program meant to help students make well-informed decisions down the road.

“These are students we want to see succeed. Anything we can do to try to provide that support and keep them in school is our primary motive,” Voison said.

Ten 16 is paying for the services and CMU is helping promote the program.

Next week, CM CREW will host its first recovery group.