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Northern Michigan Lawmakers React to Presidential Election

Donald Trump is now set to become the 45th President of the United States.

Trump’s victory is eliciting reactions from lawmakers across the country including here in Michigan.

A day of mixed emotions for lawmakers in Lansing as they discussed the future of our country and our state under a Trump presidency.

“We started to see that hey, we had a shot at the White House,” said Sen. Wayne Schmidt.

Many Republicans in Lansing celebrating a Trump victory today, including Northern Michigan Senator Wayne Schmidt.

“To wake up, to see that we’re going to have Republican control in the Senate, and in the House at the federal level, and to have a Republican president come January 20th, is a good thing and I think that speaks well for Michigan,” said Schmidt.

He hopes with Indiana Governor Mike Pence now Vice-President elect, it will make Midwest issues a priority.

“To have someone from a Great Lakes state who understands manufacturing, who understands agriculture, who understands the tough times we’ve had during the lost decade, is going to be a very big asset for us there,” said Schmidt.  

For Michigan Democratic leaders including Representative Tim Greimel, Clinton’s defeat is still hard to fathom.

“We’re quite alarmed by the results, having said that I think Secretary Clinton did the right thing by conceding the race and we need to try to come together as a country and move forward,” said Greimel.

They say the Democratic Party must look at ways to appeal to more voters after Republican’s maintained control of the state house and Senate.

“I think Democrats at all levels need to do a lot of introspection to see and determine why we’re not connecting with a sizable amount of the electorate,” said Greimel.

Now the one thing everyone could agree on was the first real challenge for President-Elect Trump will be unifying both Democrats and Republicans and translate campaign plans and promises into action.

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