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Hersey Village Election Results Now In Question

Promo Image: Hersey Village Election Results Now In Question

A local village’s election results are now in question.

People who shouldn’t have been able to vote on village races, did.

The Hersey Village ballot was given to voters who live on the two Riverview Drives in the area.

But part of one of those Riverview Drives is not inside village limits.

9 and 10’s Taylor Jones went to Hersey to find out what went wrong.

A difference of just two votes decided the race for Village of Hersey president.

Now candidates are concerned results would be different if only the right voters cast ballots.

Angela Quinlan lives on Riverview Drive in Hersey Township, outside village limits.

But for an unknown reason, she was handed a village ballot.

“We have lived here since 2002. We live on Riverview Drive, we have never been allowed to vote in village elections because we’re not in the village,” says Quinlan.

Candidate for village president John Calabres got 103 votes, opponent Robin Marvel got 105.

Now both are unsure who won.

“Of course there’s a lot of questions, why didn’t they stop the election, why did they do this?” Says Calabres.

The Hersey Township Clerk declined an interview, but in an emails says a voting computer program included both Riverview Drives and when the problem was discovered, the county clerk was notified. Still, both candidates are questioning the fairness.

“This needs to be done in a way that’s honorable, honest and I’m willing to accept whatever the community says. What I’m told has to happen by the clerk, I’ll do. I want this to be as fair and open as possible," says Calabres.

Marvel too, thinks it should be fair.

“Fairness is absolutely the most important thing than winning. Me standing saying I won if it’s not credible then to me it’s not a win,” says Marvel.

For now the clerk says they are waiting to hear from the State Election Bureau and there is a possibility that there will be a re-vote.