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Bergman Wins Michigan’s 1st Congressional District

Around 11 o’clock Tuesday night, the race was called for the 1st Congressional District. Lt. General Jack Bergman is now Michigan’s newest congressman.

Bergman says he’s looking forward to spending a bit more time in the district before he heads to Washington.

When he gets there, that’s when Bergman says the hard work begins.

He plans to work to appeal Obamacare and come up with a better healthcare system.

Bergman also plans to do everything in his power to protect second amendment rights.

But for now, he’s just thankful for all of his friends, family and supporters.

“I’m excited,” Bergan exclaimed. “I’m honored and I’m truly humbled by this experience because the voters of the first district, it shows that we were able to communicate that they gave me the thumbs up.”

Bergman says he received a nice phone call from the democratic nominee, Lon Johnson conceding.