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Traverse City Voters Wait For Proposal 3 Results

In Traverse City many residents cast their votes Tuesday for a proposal that could bring big changes to the downtown area.

Traverse City will decide Tuesday night whether or not voters should decide, in the future, if buildings taller than 60 feet can go up in the city.

9&10’s Megan Atwood is in Traverse City with more on the proposal.

Voters both for and against this proposal are strongly voicing their opinion.

But by the end of Tuesday night, a final decision will be made.

Voters in Traverse City have been waiting for this day for weeks.

Many city commissioners are voting no on this proposal, saying the wording of the proposal itself isn’t clear.

Yes voters say it gives the public a chance to voice their opinions every time.

“I think it’s good that the people will have a chance and that’s the reason that I support this,” says Prop 3 voter, Ellen Corcoran.

“I voted against it just because it just seemed like an unnecessary step to get the planning commission building commission to approve taller buildings when it’s a tourist town,” adds voter Luke Litgard.

Now voters will have to wait for seven precincts to report in Traverse City to get their answer.

Something that many say will impact the future of their downtown.