Senator Gary Peters Speaks In Detroit As Anticipation Grows

The waiting continues here in Detroit as we continue to see so many of the battleground state remain too close to call.

That includes here in Michigan where the numbers have gone back and forth and that’s the big question Tuesday night is who takes our electoral votes.

Both candidates spent a lot of time here and we are seeing why with this race so close.

Some people here are saying it’s a little surprising how close this is, but democratic official remains positive.

“The whole country is looking at Michigan and our results and we’ll wait and see where they come from based on the energy in this room, based on what I have seen out on the streets today, based on the hard work all of you have done. I’m confident were are going to leave this room and we’re going to tell the rest of the county that Michigan is a blue state and we have won by a big margin. Thank you for all that you’ve done,” says Senator, Gary Peters.

We’ll keep an eye on this race that is clearly much closer than anticipated.