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Republican Candidate Jack Bergman Looking To Keep The 1st Congressional District Red

Voters in the 1st Congressional District have an important decision: Who will represent them in Congress.

The district is vast, covering all of the U.P. and most of the Lower Peninsula.

Dan Benishek is not running for re-election.

Voters are deciding between Republican Jack Bergman and Democrat Lon Johnson.

Republican candidate Jack Bergman is looking to keep the 1st District red after Dr. Dan Benishek has held the seat for the Republicans since 2011.

Lt. General Jack Bergman’s words to us today were that he is all smiles.

Bergman thinks the majority of voters will choose him.

 “I think it’s time to make the change. That was the battle cry eight years ago and there was a change, and now it’s time to swing that pendulum back a little,” says voter Molly Agostinelli.

Voters like Molly were excited to go out and cast their ballot.

She hopes Jack Bergman wins the 1st Congressional District.

“He’s a military man and safety is a big thing for people in this country. I have grandkids. It’s important to me that we have people in Washington, D.C. that know what they’re doing,” explains Molly.

Bergman says he’s ready to make changes if he makes it to Washington, including repealing Obamacare and shrinking government regulations.

“People want big government out of our lives. We are the best stewards of our environment, we are the best stewards of our resources of our dollars,” says Bergman.

Bergman hopes Donald Trump will make it to the White House so he can help make it all happen.

“You’ll have a president who understands business, who understands what it means to actually build things with his money or people who has invested in a business,” says Bergman.

Bergman will be in Petoskey tonight at the Perry Hotel, where friends, family and supporters are gathering starting at 8.