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Northern Michigan Polling Places See Big Voter Turnout

Promo Image: Northern Michigan Polling Places See Big Voter Turnout

Polls across Northern Michigan are open for just a couple more hours, but the state won’t be called until the polls in the western UP close at 9 p.m.

You can bet election workers everywhere will be busy for much of the night. 

9&10’s Veronica Meadows is at the Wexford County Library, keeping track of the traffic at precincts around Northern Michigan. 

The Wexford County Library precinct is seeing more voters this Election Day, and that doesn’t even include absentee ballots.

They aren’t the only ones.

“Absentee voters are up by 150, and voter turnout already has been way over the end total for the last three elections,” says Lake Township Clerk Korinda Winkleman.

It’s a bustling day at the polls across Northern Michigan.

At 3 p.m. Grand Traverse County had nearly 33 percent turnout, an increase.

Lake County says they’re also seeing at least 10 percent more voters.

Clerks are trying to keep up.

 “I did take a couple election workers who helped me get to this point today, and I’ve added on two extra helpers so they can take breaks and to process. We knew it would be big. I didn’t think it would be this big,” says Winkleman. 

Behind the big turnout is motivated voters.

Michael Dolack was eager to cast a ballot, and brought his grandson who had never voted in Cadillac.

“He’s working the night shift and I had to wake him up and say, ‘Matt, it’s time to vote,’ and he jumped up and said its time to vote,” says Michael. 

They might not agree on every issue, but they’re two of many voters making this Election Day a memorable one.

 “It’s good to be able to bond on things that are important, even though we might have different political views, we can still do it together so that’s cool,” said Matt Townsend.

Polls in our viewing area close at 8 p.m. so there is still some time for you to get out and cast your vote.