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Michigan Democratic, Republican Leaders Wait For Results

History is being made right now.

Across the country, millions are making their voices heard with a simple vote, choosing who will become our 45th president of the United States.

Northern Michigan’s News Leader is ready to bring you up to the minute election coverage.

Michigan brings 16 electoral votes to the table for presidential candidates.

The state is proving to be ground zero in this year’s race for the White House.

Both candidates made stops in Michigan Monday — the last day of campaigning.

For many, this historic election has proven to be a divisive one.

Both candidates have been plagued by scandal on the campaign trail.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump plan to hold election night parties in New York City to watch the results.

Both parties very optimistic.

They tell us they’ve seen tons of enthusiasm along with a big turnout, but as for what the final outcome will be, that’s anybody’s guess.

“Today has come. It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work,” says Ronna Romney McDaniel, Michigan GOP chair..

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Brandon Dillon says, “People are voting, that’s what this whole process is about.”

Nearly 600 days of campaigning coming down to one night. The presidential race is close in Michigan – a state both candidates made a strong push for in recent days.

 “Turnout seems to be fairly strong across the state. We’ve seen lines in places like Detroit and Flint and Grand Rapids, but we’ve also seen turnout in areas we normally don’t see that kind of enthusiasm,” says Dillon.

Romney McDaniel says, “We’ve seen the polls tighten and, maybe for the first time since 1988, we’re going to go red, and potentially, because of Michigan, we win the White House.”

With just a few hours left before polls close, both sides are ready for what could be a long night of waiting.

“It is a tossup, it all depends who turns out. I feel like Donald Trump has the momentum on his side, and I think that it’s neck and neck right now,” says Romney McDaniel.

Dillon says, “We’re looking for votes all across the stage. The great thing about a presidential election is that’s it’s one person, one vote, whether you live in Northern Michigan or Detroit.”

Regardless of the outcome, both sides agree tonight will be historic

 “If Democrats get out and vote at the level we normally do in a presidential year, we will be celebrating a Hillary Clinton victory, but we won’t stop working until all the polls are closed,” says Dillon.

Romney McDaniel says, “A Trump victory means Americans want change. They are tired of the standard politician.”

We’ll be here all night, bringing you reaction from Michigan Democrats.

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