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Jack Bergman Supporters Gather In Petoskey To Wait For 1st Congressional District Results

Republican Jack Bergman is looking to keep the 1st Congressional District red, like current 1st Congressional leader Dan Benishek.

9&10’s Blayke Roznowski has the latest on Jack Bergman’s campaign in Petoskey.

Hundreds of people have gathered at the Perry Hotel in Petoskey to support the Republican nominee for the 1st congressional district Jack Bergman.

Bergman has not joined us just yet, but this is the last stop after one last day of campaigning across the district.

Bergman tells us he can’t wait to see his friends and family and, hopefully, become a congressman tonight.

Supporters are anxiously waiting for the results to come in.

“I’m very excited because I really believe it’s not a question of whether we win, it’s by how much and this is a big night and we are going to have a great congressman,” says supporter, Tom Stillings.

Bergman is expected to arrive at any time.

We’ll be here until results come in to see everyone’s reaction to who will be the next congressman for the 1st congressional district.

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