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Vanderbilt Area School Sinking Fund Millage Renewal on the Ballot for Repairs

Promo Image: Vanderbilt Area School Sinking Fund Millage Renewal on the Ballot for Repairs

For Vanderbilt Area School, they’re hoping voters approve a sinking fund millage renewal for repairs at the school.

9 & 10’s Blayke Roznowski and photojournalist Noah Jurik spoke with the superintendent about what the funds would go towards and what parents and students have to say.

"We need the sinking fund to be able to make some of the repairs and some of the replacements we feel are important," Vanderbilt Area School superintendent Rick Heitmeyer said.

Heitmeyer is hoping to see a different result as the district again asks for a sinking fund millage renewal.

"It failed by just a few votes in August," Heitmeyer said. "Looking at probably nine different projects that we would like to complete over the course of the sinking fund."

Some of the things the sinking fund would go towards span from down to the floor to up to the ceiling.

"We’ve got exterior doors that need to be replaced," Heitmeyer said. "We’ve got carpet that needs to be replaced. We’ve got some issues with the roof." 

Parents say they think the average of less than $40 a household each year is a small price to pay to make sure kids have a good learning environment.

"I hope this time that everybody gets educated on it and goes and votes for it," parent Danielle Ormsbee said. "It’s not much money if you think about it. It’s just like going and sitting down for dinner one night." 

Proud Vanderbilt students are excited about the changes if the millage does pass.

"I bet it’ll feel really good because coming here the next morning or just seeing all the new carpet and new ceiling," Vanderbilt Area School student Jacob Williams said. "It’ll make me happy."