South Carolina Police Find Two Bodies On Murder Suspect’s Property

Police in South Carolina say they now have evidence that the man accused of keeping a woman chained up for months in a storage container, could be a serial killer.

After finding Kala Brown chained up on Todd Kohlhepp’s property, the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s office began searching the 95-acre area for other bodies.

On Friday, they found the body of Brown’s boyfriend, Charlie Carver, who went missing when Brown did, back in August.

Since then, they say they’ve uncovered a second body in one of two places that Kohlhepp pointed out as gravesites.

Right now, investigators say they’re still working to learn more about these disturbing discoveries.

Police say Kohlhepp has also confessed to shooting and killing four people at a motorcycle shop back in 2003.

Investigators plan to continue searching the property for more remains.