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Former Governor Sarah Palin Visits Cheboygan

Former governor Sarah Palin was in northern Michigan campaigning for the republican presidential race.

Palin visited the Cheboygan GOP Republican Headquarters, just two days before Election Day.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re Democrat, Republican, Independent, yoopper, people are united in a cause for the positive change for the fundamental restoration, because enough people have opened their eyes. We do want to make America great again,” says Palin.

Nearly 400 people came out to Cheboygan Republican GOP headquarters to hear former governor Sarah Palin campaign for Trump.

She said with Michigan being a battleground state, this visit was important.

“Every vote matters. The momentum here is for Trump and that’s what we need is that momentum getting us over that hump on Tuesday,” says Palin.

Those who attended cheered at Palin’s words.

Many said they were excited she chose northern Michigan to come speak.

“She is showing improvement that everyone is solidifying behind Trump. We are all part of our party, we are all doing the best we can to bring everybody together,” says Valerie Willis, Trump supporter.

Another supporter was also happy to see her.

“She’s honest and it’s just great to see her, it’s a good time to come here to Cheboygan, that’s very awesome,” says Dee Walker, Trump supporter.

Michigan Republican nominees and politicians, Jack Bergman, Sue Allor, Lee Chatfield and Triston Cole also listened in. Cole says a campaign presence in our state proves that the stakes are high.

“Well there is such a movement right now for Trump and his team in Michigan and it’s a phenomenal that she chose northern Michigan to bring the message of taking back our government, draining the swamp in Washington D.C. and pushing Trump as president,” says Rep. Triston Cole, State Representative for the 105th District.

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