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Cadillac Hunters Sight In Rifles To Prepare For Up Upcoming Season

Less than two weeks stand between us and rifle season.

Hunters are taking the time now to sight their guns.

The Cadillac Sportsman Club welcomed hunters to their sighting days.

Hunters were invited to come out and sight in their rifles with certified instructors to get them ready for the upcoming season.

The range provided targets from 25 to 200 feet and spotting scopes.

Instructors helped zero in guns, so hunters can get a clean shot.

“You don’t want to wound, you want to make a clean kill and the more confident you are in your shooting skills and the better you have you’re sighted in or bow even, you’re more sure of clean kill,” says Roger Moomey, President of Cadillac Sportsman Club.

The official first day of rifle season is Tuesday, November 15.

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