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Diamond Lake Labs In Leroy Donates Puppy To Kid

Promo Image: Diamond Lake Labs In Leroy Donates Puppy To Kid

A young boy from Ohio, met a puppy in Leroy, he will eventually take home.

Diamond Lake Labs in Leroy is donating one of their newborn puppies to a Cincinnati kid with cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

The puppy is going to be a service dog for twelve year old Dylan.

He and his family came to Michigan to meet the puppies.

It’s something Diamond Lake Labs is doing to give back.

Shelly, mom of Dylan, hopes this dog will provide mobility assistance and companionship.

Now, the family is thankful to Diamond Lake Labs for their generosity.

“it’s pretty incredible, I think you know, Dylan is twelve, and throughout his entire life we have had a few moments like this. Sometimes we feel very alone in our life, but to have something like this happen, it feels pretty incredible. We don’t feel so alone anymore,” says Shelly Miller, mother of Dylan.

Diamond Lake Labs plans to continue donating puppies to kids in need.