Grayling Couple Lose Home In Fire

A couple is without a home after a fire spread from their van sending their house up in flames.

Fire crews got the call around one Wednesday afternoon.

When they got to the house they found it and a carpet cleaning van were on fire.

The home on Wendy Lane in Grayling is a total loss.

The couple owns a carpet cleaning business.

They were actually cleaning their own carpets when things quickly got out of control.

"They run their own business and they were just cleaning their own carpets," said Doug Pratt.

A fire started in the cleaning van parked just outside their home. From there the flames quickly spread.

"The van was fully engulfed and it was a carpet cleaning van so it was full of chemicals, propane, inside the vehicle so we had a lot to deal with there. The heat from the vehicle was actually feeding the fire into the house," Doug said.

The fire completely burned through both stories. Parts of the van, like the tires, also melted.

"I saw the fire tucks. Didn’t hear them come up and then I saw the smoke went over and talked to Pat and offered my house," said Al Osborne.

Neighbors living on quiet Wendy Lane stepped up and offered to let the family stay with them.

"I was pleasantly surprised I guess you would say surprised in the number of people around here who offered to take them in," said Al Osborne.

Comfort in knowing neighbors will never have to worry about being alone.

"It makes me in a way feel a little safer because people are around who care about their neighbors," said Al Osborne.

The couple also had other people with carpet cleaning businesses reach out to try to help.