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Frankfort Business Holds Candy Buy Back For Operation Gratitude

Promo Image: Frankfort Business Holds Candy Buy Back For Operation Gratitude

A local business wants your Halloween candy, but not for the reason you might expect.

Stefanski Dental in Frankfort is holding its first ever candy buy back.

They are paying one dollar per pound of unopened candy.

It will then be sent to Operation Gratitude, an organization in California that sends care packages to military, first responders and their families.

Stefanski Dental hopes it collects a hundred pounds to send along.

“My brother actually served two deployments overseas,” says Stefanski Dental employee, Ashley Loney. “One to Afghanistan and one to Iraq, and every time I would get a chance to talk to him, we would send him goody packages and these nonprofits would send him packages as well, and he always told me how it just boosted their morale, how it made him happy just to be out from base for a month or two and finally come back and have all these goodies. He said it just felt good to know that people cared and they don’t forget about us.”

Stefanski Dental will be accepting candy until the end of the day Thursday.

For more details on the candy buy back,