Michigan National Guard Training Bombs, Missile Found After Falling from Fighter Jet

“I’ve never heard of this type of incident in the 20 years that I have been in and around airplanes.”

A bizarre end to a military exercise that ended with training bombs accidentally falling from the sky.

A group of fighter jets heading to Camp Grayling from Selfridge turned around when they realized a rack of training munitions on one jet fell off.

Six training bombs and a training missile were lost from the jet near Waters last Tuesday.

The Michigan National Guard says the bombs and missile were found near Luzerne.

National Guard officials say the missile is non-explosive.

The six training bombs are capable of small "spotting charges" for pilots to see where they landed.

The Michigan National Guard believes the munitions dropped because of a mechanical failure.

"The phase of the flight they were in was prior to arriving to the range, so the operating procedure for that would be to have all weapon systems saved-up, so there wouldn’t even be any switches, as it were, that were hot at that point,” says Lt. Col. Matthew Trumble, Director of the Camp Grayling Air Gunnery Range. “That’s why we suspect it was most likely mechanical fault."

No one was hurt when the missile and bombs fell from the jet.