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FBI Investigates Laptop Used By Hillary Clinton’s Top Aide

With nearly one week until Election Day, the FBI is moving forward with its probe of a laptop used by Hillary Clinton’s top aide.

Investigators have obtained a search warrant and are now trying to figure out if e-mails found on the laptop will give more insight into Clinton’s use of her private email server while serving as Secretary of State.

The FBI is reading through thousands of e-mails found on the laptop shared between her top aide, Huma Abedin and her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner.

The e-mails were originally obtained during an investigation into Weiner allegedly sending explicit messages to a minor.

At a Florida rally, Clinton avoided directly discussing the case.

“There’s a lot of noise and distraction but it really comes down to what kind of future we want and who as our president can help us get there,” says Hillary Clinton.

Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine spent Sunday in Michigan, calling the e-mail investigation a distraction from the election.

While Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump strongly disagrees.

"This is the single biggest scandal since Watergate,” says Donald Trump. “My contract with the American voter begins with a plan to end the rampant government corruption.”

Trump will be stopping in Michigan Monday, with rallies scheduled in Grand Rapids and Warren.

A new poll shows Trump is now trailing Clinton by just one point ahead of next week’s general election.