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Michigan DNR Meet to Discuss Possible Changes in Bear Hunting Requirements

As deer rifle season is about to start, bear hunting season is coming to an end.

For the DNR, that means it’s time to start preparing for next year.

DNR staff from both Northern and Southern Lower Michigan met in Gaylord today to discuss future bear hunting seasons.

The group is looking at the overall harvest, successes per licenses issued, the thoughts of landowners  and other topics.

The DNR uses the information as a basis for regulations over the next two years.

"We try to hold regulations standard for two to three years, depending on the species, unless something comes up that’s drastic," says Katie Keen, DNR Wildlife Technician. "It’s this teeter-totter we happen to be on with people on one end and wildlife on the other and we are just trying to balance it out a little bit."

The DNR should know the results of any changes during the meetings in the spring next year.