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Houghton Lake Families Continue To Mourn Loved Ones Lost In Crash

Families are getting ready to say goodbye to loved ones killed in a crash, one with a baby on the way.

The families of Ronald Franks, Katie Kurtz and Richard Bourland are trying to wrap their heads around what happened.

A car crash early Thursday morning killed all three of them.

It happened on Reilly Road between Townline and Towerhill roads in Roscommon County.

The driver, Gordon Stuck, hit a deer, kept going and hit a tree.

Stuck is in intensive care at a downstate hospital in stable condition.

Franks, Kurtz and Bourland all died at the scene.

In our continuing coverage, Nine And Ten’s Veronica Meadows spoke with Ronald Frank’s family about the child he’ll never meet.

Nichole Frank’s world is shattered after losing her husband.

Ronald leaves behind twin two and a half year old boys, with another baby on the way just two days after his funeral.

"They’re his pride and joy they’re little hims and his daughter is due in 5 days. And I have to do this alone now," said Nichole Franks.

Nichole Franks sees her husband Ronald every time she looks in the eyes of their two and a half year old twins.

"I have to tell them that daddy is not coming home, because daddy’s in heaven and I know they don’t understand it and I’ll explain it to them but that’s the only thing I can do is tell them.

Now cherishing memories from the last seven years, a wedding, family outings, holidays.

"I sat in my bed last night with his hat and sweater just crying, because I know that’s all I have left. I can’t hold him anymore I can’t kiss him I can’t hear his voice his touch nothing," Nichole said.

Ronald’s father knows his son touched the lives of everyone he met.

"He loved everybody he was happy he loved kids he was a great father, my best friend was supposed to be my best man for my wedding," said Ronnie Franks.

He and Nichole also mourn the loss Katie Kurtz and Richard Bourland.

"The two friends that we lost with him were also coworkers and real good friends we got along we joked we talked," said said Ronnie Franks.

Ronald’s parents will drive Nichole to the hospital when the baby comes, stopping just short of going into the delivery room.

"No ones going in the room with me because that’s his job I’ll have a picture of him. Because no one can take his job no one can fill that spot," said Nichole.

Funeral arrangements for Ronald Franks will be family and friends at Christler Funeral Home in Prudenville on Friday from 2 to 4.

Katie Kurtz’s viewing is on Tuesday at 11, with a service following at the Christler Funeral Home in Prudenville.

Richard Bourland’s visitation is on Thursday at 1 at Christler Funeral Home in Prudenville.

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