Roscommon County Crash Leaves Three People Dead, One Seriously Hurt

Three people killed and a driver seriously hurt in a Roscommon County crash.

It took hours for the crash to be discovered.

Now Michigan State Police are trying to figure out what might have caused it.

Troopers say the car with four inside it hit a deer while driving on Reilly Road, just south of Houghton Lake.

They say the car dragged the deer about a quarter mile.

The driver, Gordon Stuck, kept going and eventually smashed into a tree.

Neighbors found the car with Stuck, Ricky Bourland, Ronald Franks and Katie Kurtz around 7 Thursday morning on Reilly Road, between Tower Hill and Townline roads.

Bourland, Franks and Kurtz were pronounced dead at the scene.

State police say their car lost control as it sped down Reilly Road, smashing into a tree.

Investigators say it was incredible Gordon Stuck survived at all.

"Looking at the damage to the car, to have him survive, someone was definitely looking out for him," says Sgt. Harold Terry.

Police say the car hit a deer, then kept going.

Neighbors found the scene hours later.

"When I came down to bring my grandson to the school bus, I saw the tree in the road and I got out of my car to go see if I could move it out of the way," says Gilda Draper.

The man who called 911 says, "Couldn’t see the car. It was buried in the trees and under the trees."

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, discovered the car and a voice coming from inside.

"I could hear him moaning. 911 told me keep talking to him and then he went unconscious," he says. "I thought he died."

Police say speed was a factor.

It’s something that neighbors say has been problem before.

"They drive down this road like it’s I-75," says the man who called 911. "I just know it was only a matter of time before something like this happened."

Draper says, "It’s just sad because being a mother, if I got news of any of my family members, I just…I just don’t…I just feel bad and I’ll pray for the family.

Police are still investigating whether alcohol or drugs played a role.

Stuck was airlifted to the hospital in serious condition. His current condition is unknown