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Jack’s Journal: Disney Princess

As a young girl she watched all the Disney movies and dreamed of being a princess.

She took a road trip out of high school with a friend to Disney World and was inspired, briefly working in the costume department there. 

She tried to be a Disney princess, but wasn’t hired.

“Let’s do this. That’s when Story Book Wishes Entertainment was born. I started doing birthday parties. My first party ever was as Belle, it was the most enchanting experience ever,” says Caitlin Bannister.

Being a fan of Disney and not getting the job there could have slowed her down, but it spurred her on.

“I may not be what Disney is looking for, but I can create the magic on my own, and really give the magic to those who might not be able to travel all the way to Disney,” explains Caitlin.

Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Anna and Elsa are all part of Caitlin.

She’s a gifted seamstress and makes all her own costumes. She has also started a side business of styling costume wigs for other performers, worldwide. 

She says she takes pride in knowing that when she is in costume, everything you see is her. 

Playing iconic rolls is serious work, and as she prepares for a visit she watches the movie of the princess she’s portraying to get into character. Caitlin works hard to be authentic and true to the roll.

“There will always be disbelievers, but the kids who really feel, they look at you and their eyes light up. They say, ‘Oh my goodness, this princess I’ve seen on TV is standing in front of me, she’s real.’ The magic in their eyes makes it worth it,” says Caitlin.