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Cadillac Police Department Upgrading Software System

Promo Image: Cadillac Police Department Upgrading Software System

A Northern Michigan police department is making some upgrades to become more efficient.

The Cadillac Police Department is getting a new system known as TIMS, which will help them implement crime prevention and community policing measures.

Their current software is from 1995.

This new software will allow for better crime mapping and online supervision, and will also help the department share data with other departments using TIMS as well.

“This software change is going to allow us to be more effective in our jobs as far as knowing what we’re doing, and where we’ve been doing it so we can pull up our data and actually have usable data,” explains Cadillac Police Chief, Todd Golnick.

They want to completely finish upgrading the software and have it ready to go by February 1st.