Michigan’s Apple Crunch Day-Encouraging People to Celebrate the Crunch

Michigan apples are quite the fall favorite…and today many celebrated the crunch.

Apple Crunch Day encourages people across the state to bite into a healthy treat.

9 and 10’s Megan Atwood and photojournalist John Harrington talked with Northern Michigan apple farmers who say there isn’t a better way to support local produce.

Apple Crunch Day encourages people to have a healthy diet, and what better way than to grab an apple.

“The apple crunch is a very exciting thing because it just helps get the children primarily even more excited about apples,” begins farmer Richard Friske.

And many farmers did just that on Thursday. Bardenhagen Farms sponsored an event at Glen Lake Community School this morning, donating nine bushels of apples.

“Everybody held up their Apple and they count down and everybody took a bite and so it was quite an exciting thing for the kids,” James Bardenhagen says of Thursday morning’s activities.

And with a record crop in our state this year, farmers say they’re excited to see people having a crunch or two.

“The crop is estimated to be 31 million bushels and that’s about 6 million more than the state has ever produced before,” continues Friske.

Bardenhagen agrees, saying, “It’s a big thing for the apple industry you know, I don’t know how many millions of apples were eaten today but we like to supply them with more.”

So if you’re still looking for apples this season, there’s plenty to go around.

“Apples came on a little earlier than expected but most of them are getting into the ripe stage right now,” Bardenhagen continues.

It’s never too late to grab an apple and get crunching.