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Northern Michigan In Focus: Pahl’s Pumpkin Patch and Kenny’s Park

If you’ve ever driven from Mesick to Buckley, you’ve seen it.

It’s the massive structure in front of named Kenny’s Park.

For this week’s Northern Michigan in Focus, we discover what that’s all about.

“Kenny was the original goat that started this entire thing. Kenny was actually a pet goat at the farm, and the first year they had a pumpkin patch Kenny was a baby and was darling and they used him as, they basically built the pumpkin patch around Kenny, and he was really friendly,” says Holly Pahl.

Let’s talk friendly for a bit. It seems if you have a camera, all the animals will come and say hi!

Well, maybe not this rooster, who may be confused and clucks like a chicken.

And this pig that seems to wants to eat the camera.

This baby goat that will actually come when she’s called!

“We have one very friendly Penelope pygmy goat that runs around and meets everyone. The babies can come and go, so it makes it fun for families to pet baby goats,” explains Holly.

If the animals aren’t enough Pahl’s has all the things that make fall fun, like their pumpkin patch.

“It’s so nice to see all these people, and families, and grandparents, and parents, and kids, and cousins and neighbors show up and they’re all outside,” says Holly.

And their corn maze, which from the air, looks pretty confusing.

“The corn maze is different this year. This year we have one very large corn maze instead of two,” explains Holly. “So every year it changes up a little bit, and we hope to just keep growing it and making interesting for people.”

And you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy it here.

“It’s not just the kids. I think people just love the animals and it’s just so much fun to come in and watch the goats,” says Holly. “The goats get so fun to watch, they jump and bounce off each other’s backs, and it’s just a lot of fun to see the animals.”

Which brings us back to Kenny’s Park. It’s one of the largest goat walks in the state, and is in memory of Kenny. He passed away a few years ago from old age.

Whether you go to Pahl’s for the doughnuts, for the pumpkins or the animals, it’s the memories that’s important to Holly.

“My ultimate goal is to become a tradition for people, and I have my own grandchildren and I want to create something for them as well,” says Holly.