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Former Opiate Addicts Opening Recovery Center in Traverse City

Promo Image: Former Opiate Addicts Opening Recovery Center in Traverse City

Two people who’ve recovered from opiate addictions themselves want to help curb the growing problem in our state.

So together, a doctor and therapist are opening the Freedom Recovery Center next week in Traverse City.

The center will use medication-assisted therapy to help locals turn their lives around and get off opiate addictions.

“I was given a lot of different pain medications, found that I liked them, and one Friday night decided, hey if one is good, five might be better,” explained Art McGuff, a recovering addict and current therapist at Freedom Recovery Center.

Art has walked this road.

He became addicted to opiates after a sports injury broke both of his knees.

“I had potential to play baseball at Michigan State University, and drugs and alcohol sort of took over my life,” he said. “I threw that away and came back to Midland where I’m from and decided to do something to try to help kids avoid what I went through.”

Now, he and Dr. Jason Beatty want to help people addicted to opioids in Traverse City.

“We both are recovering people and we just feel like it’s something we can do to give back to society,” said Dr. Beatty.

While suboxone and zubslov are controversial, a local pharmacist says the benefits outweigh the cons.

“There’s also a risk of people trying to use them properly, of getting tolerant and ending up with an addiction,” explains Mark Thompson of Thompson Pharmacy & Medical. “Nothing is perfect, but I think it’s a pretty good tool for helping with the opiate addiction.”

Freedom Recovery Center is looking to serve about 100 patients when they open, and they hope to collaborate with community organizations down the road.

“We have the opportunity with five offices in our building to expand, and we hope that down the road maybe we have multiple doctors, multiple therapists,” Art says.

The center opens on October 17th.

If you’re interested in more info or becoming a patient, you can contact Art at 231-492-0611.