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Traverse City Voters Gather at State Theater for 2nd Presidential Debate

Voters in Northern Michigan were keeping a close eye on Sunday night’s presidential debate between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Many people came to the State Theater Sunday night to watch the debate, but this debate it was a little different than the last.

This time, it was a town hall setting where the candidates answered questions from the people.

“This debate is amazing,” says Jim Hart, a Clinton supporter. “It’s like nothing I’ve seen in my whole life.”

Traverse City’s State Theater was packed with voters taking in the second presidential debate.

Trump supporters stood by the republican nominee.

“He talks about it, in the fact, you know, it was a long time ago. You know he has changed, obviously. Everyone changes,” explains Trump supporter, Christian Humphrey. “He talks about it in a way that he’s not really proud of it, per say, but I feel like he owns up to it. He stands up and says what he wants to say. I feel like he’s got a big character, and is going to take charge.”

Clinton supporters were also there to show their support and to hear what the two candidates had to say.

“It’s an easy choice between Clinton and Donald Trump, who, I happen to agree with Hillary, is totally unqualified to be President of the United States,” Jim says. “Absolutely unqualified. The brazenness of his lying just in here in the first few minutes of the debate is something I’ve never seen before. She’s within the range of the “normal” just to start with. She understands the policies and the problems that we have. He shows no understanding.”

Overall, viewers enjoyed watching the 2nd presidential debate at the State Theater, saying it was a unique way to watch the debate as the election continues to play out.

“It’s cooler than watching at home, because it’s a bigger screen,” Christian says. “It’s just bigger and it’s better…louder.”

The State Theater is looking at the possibility of another viewing for the next presidential debate.

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