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Thousands Attend Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Rally In Detroit

Hillary Clinton’s campaign rally Monday at Wayne State started with talk of Sunday night’s debate.

She then shifted her focus to some of the core items she has built her campaign around, like student debt and investing in cities like Flint and Detroit.            

9&10’s Cody Boyer continues our Election 2016 coverage with more on some of the reactions to what she had to say.

It’s quiet now, but just a few hours ago, the room at Wayne State University was filled with people, listening to Hillary Clinton speak.

She had a lot to say, but with just one day left to register to vote in Michigan, her message was clear.

She was riding the momentum with supporters both young and old, less than 24 hours after what many are calling a successful debate performance.

"I think President Obama was pretty accurate in saying Detroit is coming back,” says presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

4,000 people here in person, many others tuned in online as Hillary Clinton pushed again for the Michigan vote at the Matthaei Center at Wayne State University.

"We are coming up to an important day. Tomorrow is the last day to register to vote in Michigan,” says Clinton. "That’s how we are going to win by the biggest turnout in a really long time."

Clinton’s camp went so far as to pass around voter registration forms.

She also still made time to slam Donald Trump’s debate performance.

"The differences between me and my opponent are pretty clear. One of us went high and one of us went low,” says Clinton.

Then, talk of eliminating and reducing college tuition, along with creating jobs, bettering Michigan infrastructure and balancing out employee pay.

Messages that resonated with people here.

"I want equal pay for women’s work and I want to do more to incentivize more companies to share their profits with their employees,” says Clinton. “If you help them make that profit, it shouldn’t just be executives that get to share it."

"The part about businesses, sharing more with the people who do the work, not always just the people at the top. Also, bringing wages for women,” says a spectator.

"I like how she wants to be president for all of us. She’s not divisive," adds another attendee.  

"We are going to prove to the world that we are strong together. Love trumps hate! Thank you.” Says Clinton.

Hillary also commented on Donald Trump’s controversial statements about women and his admission that he hadn’t paid federal income taxes for years.