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Promo Image: Jack’s Journal: Truck Driver

Jack’s Journal: Truck Driver

It might be a bucket list item, since when she was a kid she’s always wanted to drive a semi truck, a big rig.

So one day…

“I was riding down the road with my husband and a semi went by and i said ‘ya know, I’ve always wanted to drive one of those and learn how to back one up.’ And he made it happen!” says Cheryl Wojcik.

But not right away. After a bit of a wait, Cheryl had to leave a brochure with his wallet, but eventually Ted got the idea and made a few calls.

And when Cheryl got the email invite?

“I thought oh no!” explains Cheryl. “He’s gonna make me do this.”

Yes Cheryl, your time has come.

Just before she climbed in the truck at Pinnacle Truck Driving School, I wanted to know what she was thinking.

“It’s really big,” says Cheryl.

Lots of gears, really big tires, sitting way up high and a big long trailer. She was underway. Slower than the speed limit, and not actually on the road, but she was underway.

What does husband Ted think?

“I’m not gonna stand in front of the truck, I’m not gonna stand anywhere near the truck. But she’s gonna do great.”

Not only drive it, she wanted to back it up.

How’d she do? Great! Only one cone down. 

Eventually her instructor, Dick Herweyer got out and told her to go solo.