Creepy Clowns Reported in Several Northern Michigan Counties

"Clowns are creepy. Clowns are just creepy."

Fuzzy hair, painted faces and colorful clothes.

There’s a clown craze popping up across the country…

And people are now spotting creepy clowns in Northern Michigan.

Reports of clown pranks are coming from across the United States, some of them serious.

No one knows why this has grown so large but it’s causing disturbances.

People are reporting clown sightings in Big Rapids, Reed City and Lake City among other areas.

There are rumors of clowns in Cadillac, too.

9&10’s Cody Boyer and photojournalist Jake Johnson spoke to a concerned person in Reed City and have more details.


Clowns are a well-known source of entertainment for all ages.

But when pranksters use their looks to cause fear close to home, they become something else.

"If they were on my property, I would call the police," says Becki Collins, a concerned Reed City resident.

They are the smiling faces at kids’ parties, holding balloons and playing tricks.

But some are taking a prank too far.

"I think it’s immature," Collins says. "I don’t like to get scared. I don’t think it’s amusing."

Collins heard about the clowns from her young son.

"They don’t know who they are coming up on," Collins says. "I mean, somebody could have a gun, a mental illness, a heart condition."

You’ve seen them at fairgrounds. You’ve seen them at circuses, but when you seem them out here in desolate locations or out in your community, they can come off as quite creepy.

One was spotted in Cincinnati at night.

Another, arrested in Kentucky for hiding in a ditch and scaring people.

Now they are happening closer to home…

…This call to 9-1-1 from Osceola County.


"Central dispatch?"


"Hey, there. just got home a little bit ago. My daughter had told me that early this morning she saw…she swears up and down on her life she was so scared this morning because she saw a clown coming out of the woods."

…And another in Big Rapids.

The caller says a clown *called* her.


"Central dispatch?"


"I just had a phone call from one of them clowns that has been going around."


"What did they happen to say?"


"They said they are coming to get me tonight."

Dispatchers say for now, these are simply pranksters.

A trend people hope will pass.

"I would tell them to grow up," Collins says.

Police say if you see anything suspicious — report it.

Don’t take matters into your own hands.