International Company Recruiting NMC Students To Help Search For Missing Plane

Northwestern Michigan College students are helping solve the mysteries of a plane crash.

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 went missing in 2014. Debris has been washing up for months near Tanzania and Madagascar.

Phoenix Underwater International is the company who has been searching for the plane wreckage for years.

It has even worked on recovering pieces of the Titanic.

This week, the international company was in town recruiting NMC students.

They are trained on similar technology that could help them find the rest of the missing plane and other search missions in the future.

Director of the college’s Great Lakes Water Studies Institute Hans VanSumeren says, “They are getting ready to redeploy and they need more people to support those operations. You add all that up, our place our people, and our assets and we have a golden opportunity here so the students are the winners in all of this.”

NMC says one former student already works for the company and this partnership will only blossom from here.