Jack’s Walk of Honor Raises Money for Michigan National Guard Family Fund

A 100 mile walk across Northern Michigan in combat boots, all to support local National Guard troops and their families.

Wednesday marks the start of a four day journey for Jack VanPutten.

It’s Jack’s Walk of Honor.

The 100 mile walk began Wednesday morning at Camp Grayling and continues all the way to Traverse City, but that’s only the half of it.

He will then walk another 50 miles back to Grayling.

“I’m thankful for those that serve, I want to express my gratitude to past and present military.”

With an American flag in hand and miles of road ahead, Jack VanPutten says this walk is the least he could do.

“They sacrificed a lot by going overseas missing Christmas, birthdays, losing out on time, little league baseball with their children.”

There’s a similar walk in Texas, but Jack organized his own, donating all the money to the Michigan National Guard Family Fund.

His goal? To raise $5,000 as of Wednesday he’s raised $1,500.

VanPutten says, “It stays in the community, stays within the state of Michigan and the neighborhood I live in I’m surrounded by military families so it definitely makes me want to help out more knowing that it could help a neighbor or a brother.”

100 miles is a long journey and while the honks and cheers do give motivation Jack VanPutten says he can’t do it alone.

His father Dana Matheney says, “I was like you’re crazy, but then he told me the cause and I was right behind it from the get go because I’m a veteran.”

VanPutten says, “I’m giving up four days and a lot of blisters to just show my gratitude to be able to walk 100 miles.”

VanPutten says others are welcome to join his walk. They do have cars following behind if you don’t want to walk the entire length.

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