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Detectives Make Multiple Meth Arrests In Ogemaw And Iosco County

Detectives arrested 10 people linked to a multi-county meth making operation.

The first arrest happened a week ago and even more are expected.

Detectives say the suspects made meth mostly in Rose City in Ogemaw County and in Hale in Iosco County.

Police started their investigation about nine months ago.

Now they are happy some of the dangerous drug is off the street.

"We always like to get tips some of this did start from tips in the local community," said Det. Sgt. William Priest.

What began as community tips turned into a multi county meth investigation. Right now 10 are behind bars.

"It’s not just so much the number of people involved it’s the amount of time they’ve been doing it and the frequency that it was being done because it was pretty much being done every day," he said.

We can show you four people involved.

Sharon Lavere and Ryan Spencer both face charges for buying pseudoephedrine which is used to make meth.

Edward Lavere the third and Michael Gasaway are also accused of buying psuedoephedrine  along with selling meth.

"They would go to different stores to try to throw off any personnel at the store that might be suspicious," he said.

Pharmacies have ways to keep people from buying large amounts of psuedophedrine.

"You have to have a drivers license if you don’t have that we can’t sell it to you. We take that information and put it into our computer and transmit it to the database. And it comes back whether we can sell to you or not," said Bob Phetteplace.

Something they think has helped get meth off the street.

"Before that we would see people in and out all time and you would see people come in and purchase for others and we would keep an eye on that," Bob said.

Detectives say they could end up arresting up to twenty people.

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