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New Poll: Where Voters Stand On Immigration Issue

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are focusing on the military, veterans and foreign policy this week. 

Trump is making a case for an expanded military.

If elected, Trump says he will give generals 30 days to present him with a plan to defeat and destroy Isis.

According to a new NBC and Survey Monkey poll, Trump holds an almost 20 point lead over Clinton with military and veteran voters.

Clinton is considered more trusted with the use of nuclear weapons.

New presidential polls are coming out nearly every day.

A new CNN/ORC poll breaks down where likely voters stand on the issue of immigration.

According to the new poll, among registered voters, 49% say they trust Clinton on the issue. 47% stood with trump.

Trump’s proposals to deal with immigration are unpopular.

About six in ten of those surveyed oppose building a wall along the border with Mexico.

Most also doubted Mexico would ultimately pay for that wall.

Two-thirds of people asked, were against mass deportation as well, with 66% saying the government should not attempt to deport all people living in the country illegally.