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Former Charlton Heston Academy Teacher Sentenced to Prison for Sex Crimes Involving Student

"Very clearly, this individual lived a life of impropriety and got caught," says David Patterson, Charlton Heston Academy Superintendent.

A former teacher at a Northern Michigan school will spend years in prison for sex crimes involving one of his students…

…And there is more punishment to come.

Vaughn Canamore admitted to four sex crimes — all involving a teenage student.

Today, the former teacher at Charlton Heston Academy in St. Helen learned his fate at his sentencing in Roscommon County Circuit Court for two of those charges.

Canamore pleaded guilty to two counts of third-degree Criminal Sexual Conduct in July, then two more counts, including first-degree CSC, last month in Ogemaw County.

The sex crimes involved a girl between 16 and 18 years old.

9&10’s Cody Boyer and photojournalist Jacob Johnson were at Canamore’s sentencing today.

They have more details.


Vaughn Canamore will spend 7 to 15 years in prison for two of his four counts of sex crimes against a student.

His former superintendent and the girl he assaulted, along with her mother, were in the courtroom today.

"I believe we are all going to hold our kids a little bit tighter at night," says David Patterson, Charlton Heston Academy Superintendent.

Our cameras were not allowed in the courtroom on Sept. 6, 2016, but Patterson says the maximum sentence for Vaughn Canamore is warranted.

"I think the message is loud and clear," Patterson says. "If you have done anything bad to children or have intention to do bad things to kids, you are not allowed near Charlton Heston Academy or the surrounding community."

Canamore will spend at least seven years in prison for the Roscommon County crimes.

He’ll also be labeled a sex offender.

"As the superintendent of the district, I’m taking full responsibility for hiring this individual," Patterson says. "We’ve gotten over this and we’re moving forward. However, just because someone doesn’t have a criminal record or hasn’t gotten caught for something doesn’t mean they have lived a life of impropriety."

The student’s mother spoke to Canamore directly, saying her daughter is not a victim…but a survivor.

"In no uncertain terms, this is the bravest family I’ve ever worked with and, believe it or not and moving forward, this has made that family stronger, as well as the school community," Patterson says.

More punishment is on the way.

"As the mother who is involved in this case said, there are no victims," Patterson says. "There are some survivors and we are moving forward."

Canamore is set to be back in court Sept. 7 to complete his sentencing, this time in Ogemaw County where’s he’s convicted of first-degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, along with another cound of third-degree CSC.

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