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Mackinaw City Businesses See Labor Day Weekend Rush

Promo Image: Mackinaw City Businesses See Labor Day Weekend Rush

Hundreds of people in northern Michigan visiting places like Mackinaw City for the Labor Day weekend and for local businesses that means a huge rush to top off what has been a fantastic summer.

“We look forward to it every year.”

Every summer holiday is a busy one in Mackinaw City, but Labor Day always brings big crowds looking for one last summer adventure.

Co-Owner of O’Brien’s T-Shirt Shop Julian O’Brien says, “It’s a big sendoff it’s the end of summer and it’s our busiest weekend so it’s a little bang at the end of the season.”

Whether it’s ferries or t-shirts, the influx of visitors calls for all hands on deck.

O’Brien says, “We’ll bring in double the pressers we usually use and triple the people.”

Mike Green, Dock Master at Arnold Mackinac Island Ferry says, “We tend to stack up on things we know that we’re going to need. We’ll need extra luggage tags, more products for our boats which offers full service bar orders on that, I’m calling up my dock hands that are normally down at school for the weekend so I can get the extra help.”

This weekend Arnold Mackinac Island Ferry has to run more boats than usual.

Green says, “We have boats running every hour on the weekend one departing from the city every hour on the hour starting at 8 a.m. going all the way until 11 p.m. coming off the island.”

While the weekend can get hectic businesses say they’re glad to have the crowds in town.

Green says, “This weekend in particular, it just provides that one strong boost that we can ride out the rest of the season.”

Many businesses say while things started picking up today they expect to be even busier come Labor Day as thousands come to Mackinaw City for the annual Labor Day Bridge Walk.