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New Virtual Public School to Kick Off School Year, Headquartered in Mesick

A new online school is opening up for Michigan students this year.

It’s called Highpoint Virtual Academy, and it wants to give students options beyond their local school districts.

Highpoint Virtual Academy is a new, tuition-free, online public school that’s based out of Mesick and open to kids throughout the state.

They’re starting out with about 100 students and expect to grow. 

“There’s also 115 or so students in the queue going through the process for approval. We’re seeing an influx every day of these students and applications,” said Highpoint Virtual Academy Operations Manager Lindsay Hallead.

Highpoint Virtual Academy is a new K-8 online public school.

They’re looking to expand by adding a grade level each year until they have a full high school as well.

“We’re working right now to build an early college program which will allow students to stay a fifth year and graduate with a technical certificate, an associate degree or college credits they can take with them to any university,” said Head of School Mary Moorman.

The academy’s an option for students who need something beyond what their local districts can offer in a brick and mortar setting.

“We work with traditionally home schooled families, we work with students who maybe have some special learning needs, we have students who are professional athletes.”

Mesick Consolidated Schools is the home of Highpoint Virtual Academy. Now, even though they aren’t in charge of it, they do foresee benefits for the community.

“We were able to rent some space to the Highpoint Virtual Academy, which will allow some revenue funding,” said Mesick Consolidated Schools Superintendent Scott Akom. “We’ll be able to provide more resources for our students at Mesick Schools.”

Highpoint’s publically funded and uses local dollars to help provide curriculum, computers and support for internet access to students.

“They’re popping up all around the state of Michigan. School isn’t the school that I attended. There’s a lot of virtual opportunities now.”

The first day of school is September 6th, and new students can enroll anytime throughout the semester.

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