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U.S. Coast Guard Returns From Helping Search For Missing Teens In Lake Michigan

The U.S. Coast Guard has postponed their search for a teen still missing in Lake Michigan.

A helicopter crew from U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City flew out around 2 a.m. Thursday morning to help with the search effort.

Air Station Detroit’s helicopter crew was called out to Holland first, but Thursday morning they reached their fatigue limits, which is when the Traverse City Air Station was called.

Thursday afternoon, 14-year-old Vincent Green’s body was pulled from the lake.

That’s after strong rip currents swept four teens away from the shore of Lake Michigan while swimming at Holland State Park in Ottawa County Wednesday night.

Green’s body was found on some rocks along the pier where the teens were last seen.

17-year-old Christopher Mimis is still missing, and the U.S. Coast Guard says they have changed gears making this search a recovery mission.

The search has been suspended due to poor weather.

Air Station Traverse City says they spent hours in the air searching for the teens.

"When we have confirmed people in the water, the water’s warm and we know we can search for a long time and that’s why we try to remain on scene," explained the local air station’s Commanding Officer, Gregory Matyas. "I think overall the Coast Guard searched for 18 total hours and we covered about 200 square miles of area.”

Red flags were flying at the Holland beach Wednesday night when the boys were swept away, indicating dangerous swimming conditions.

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