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MTM On The Road: National Cheese Pizza Day at Pleasanton Bakery in Traverse City

We celebrate this magnificent creation all year round, but why not dedicate 24 hours to its glory? National Cheese Pizza Day is sharing its September 5th spotlight with Labor Day this year, and if you ask me— it’s perfectly appropriate. In order to stay lazy this holiday, order in, take out and get yourself to a cheesy pie as soon as possible. And because all pizzas are simply not created equal, we’re going to the highly acclaimed for brick-oven perfection in Traverse City.  This Wednesday through Sunday the bakery is bringing back their weekly pizzas after a summer hiatus. Need pizza today and in a hurry? Make a special note that the bakery is closed this Labor Day but the food truck at Traverse City’s will be open for business this holiday. Join us for a savory, cheesy, bread-y breakfast on Michigan This Morning!