Wolverine Worldwide In Big Rapids Makes Special Announcement

A big announcement for Wolverine Worldwide today.

The shoe manufacturing company known for its military boots, will expand their factory in Big Rapids.

The new two million dollar addition will be 16 thousand square feet.

About two dozen new jobs will come with that.

The extra space will also improve working conditions by allowing the stations to spread out.

Senator Gary Peters was at the facility today to celebrate the news.

“We still believe in making things, we believe in manufacturing. When I travel the world today and I visit countries, made in America still means something very very special,” says Blake Krueger, CEO.

Senator Peters was also excited for the expansion.

“An expansion will be able to open that up, but it will also give this plant more capacity to actually work to get even more contracts to come in," says Senator Gary Peters.

The company plans to break ground this fall.