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Promo Image: Sightseeing in Northern Michigan: Fluke The Dog

Sightseeing in Northern Michigan: Fluke The Dog

Dog owners know when you’ve found that special pet, they make your life better.

In this case, a family made a dog’s life better, and she returned the favor in spades for decades.

Grab your tissues, and meet Fluke.

Corey Adkins introduces us in this week’s Sightseeing in Northern Michigan.

When you look at a sunset it can mean different things to different people, remembrance, beauty or even reflection.

Twenty-one years ago the Johnston family heard a distressing sound down the street.

 “So I went down the street and there was a puppy who had jumped over the fence and had gotten out of his dog house, and jumped over fence and was hanging by his collar. It was strangling when we found it, and I ran up there really quick and I noticed her skull was cracked and had been kicked in or beat,” explains Ken Johnston.

Starlet Johnston adds, “So the police had gotten there and they went around to the front, and we got a dog! She’s been with us for 21 years now.”

They named her Fluke because of the circumstances in which they found her.

“The amazing things is the rescued dogs are so appreciative, she knew, she just looked at you when you gave her that bowl of food. Her bones were sticking through and she started gobbling up that food and she just came and gave you so much love,” says Starlet.

Fluke fit right into the family.

“She was always just a loving, carefree, lick your mouth every chance she’d get. You had to be real careful because she’d like to do that. But she’s just a loving, caring, friendly dog, just good to everybody,” says Ken.

But there are some things that just can’t be forgotten.

“If you move fast around her, or if you reach down to pet her quick she’s never forgotten that beating. She’ll duck, she’ll cower a little bit until she sees who it is and then she’ll realize she doesn’t have to do that. You’d thought that over the years she’d gotten out of that, but she never has. She’s never forgot that. I told her, I held her on my lap and said, ‘you come be with us and you will never get abused again,’ and every day I have told her she is beautiful,” explains Starlet.

For 21 years she’s been loved. That’s 147 in human years. Unfortunately, time has caught up with Fluke.

“Her hearing is going, her hips are hurting her pretty bad, her eyesight is failing her and she’s having a hard time getting up and down the stairs,” says Starlet.

Ken adds, “They start looking at you after a while, they let you know this hurts, you gotta help me, and there’s a point where you can’t help them anymore.”

“The last nine months she’s really gone downhill, and it’s hard to see, so you gotta do the right thing,” says Starlet. 

Sadly this summer is Fluke’s sunset.

“Toward the end of any dog’s life is hard when you’ve had them this long, but it’s just been such an awesome experience and blessing to have her,” says Starlet.