Mount Pleasant Police Remind College Students To Be Safe This School Year

Students are back on college campuses for another school year, and there’s a renewed effort to keep them safe.

After a busy welcome weekend at Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant Police are working to show students how to protect themselves and others.    

Police posted their new campaign on social media called "Be Safe, Be Smart Be a Chippewa."

They give the do’s and don’ts for a successful school year.

Some of those things on that list include don’t drink and drive, don’t blare music and clean up yards.

Alcohol use remains a top concern.

“Our hope for this school year is to have a very safe successful school year, you know we have had some alcohol related deaths in our community over the last year and last couple of years, so were trying to prevent those,” says Jeff Browne, Public Information Officer for Mount Pleasant Police Department.

Police say with freshman and transfers on campus, it’s important to remind students of the standards they’re expected to meet.