Hillman Neighbors React To Double Homicide

Two people are dead and two more injured as State Police continue investigating a double homicide in Montmorency County.

Troopers say Keith Atkinson and Trevor Hubbard were both killed Saturday morning.


Debra Wells and Jeffrey Baur were taken to the hospital.


A suspect is in custody.

It all happened on County Road 459 in Montmorency Township near Hillman Saturday morning.

“It’s kind of scares you, you know and makes you wonder,” says Kathy Freitas, Neighbor.

A tragic and scary day for people living on Montmorency County Road.

Two people dead and two more injured after State Police got a call about a man breaking into a home and assaulting people.

Troopers say that man was tazed and then arrested.

“It’s kind of scary not knowing any of the details or what happened, but we kind of keep an eye out on the neighborhood and we have lived up here for 17 years now and everyone kind of looks out for one another and the little town of Hillman,” says Freitas.

After a tragedy like this, neighbors are now talking about more security with their homes

“Just making sure that we lock our doors more than we would and making sure we are more aware of what’s going on in the neighborhood. We have been pretty safe as far as keeping our doors locked and our buildings and everything else like that because in today’s society that we live in,  you got to take caution no matter where you are at,” says Freitas.

 Right now they hope the community can come together during this hard time.

“I hope the family the best and I hope it all can get back and worked out and they can come to a conclusion of what is going on. Hillmans a great town it’s been nice to us and there’s a lot of friendly folks that live in Hillman,” says Freitas.