Isabella County Crews Battle House Fire

A local family is safe tonight after their home went up in flames.

Crews got the call around 1:30 this afternoon.

They rushed to a home on battle road in Isabella County’s Gilmore Township.

Crews worked for hours fighting the fire and putting out hotspots.

Firefighters say the heat was a big challenge for them today.

Still they made sure everyone in the family, including pets, were ok.

"When we arrived about three quarters of what you see was burned," said David Livermore.

Fire crews in Isabella County spent the afternoon knocking out a fire at a home. The family living there says a man and woman were inside and made it out. The heat, posing a problem for the firefighters.

"Heats a huge one this time of day manpower is a huge problem because we are all volunteers some can leave their jobs some they can’t so that makes it difficult," Livermore said.

One firefighter went to the hospital for heat exhaustion. He is ok. Crews took turns going in the house putting out hotspots.

"Rehab we call it rehabilitation. We have cold water somebody’s monitoring people when they come out of the fire and we keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t collapse or have an issue," he said.

For them, the work doesn’t end once the fire is out.

"Get cleaned up we’ve still got to put out the hotspots and we will spend two and a half hours putting the fire out and spend a couple more hours at the station cleaning up and getting ready for the next one," he said.

The fire chief says the home is a total loss.