Clare County Head-On Crash Leaves Two Dead

Investigators are putting the pieces together following a deadly, head-on crash on a Clare County freeway.

Police say 86-year-old Ines Brocht, from Marion, was going the wrong way on US-10. Brocht and the driver of the car she hit, Charles Sarbach from Windsor, Ohio, died. A passenger, Janelle Sarbach, was taken to the hospital and remains in critical condition. 

The crash happened in Clare County around 10 Monday morning just north of Farwell near exit 85.

It was an intense morning for first responders. They say when two cars going about 70 miles per hour collide, it’s always a tragic outcome.

"Hello, I’m heading east, I just passed mile marker 86 on Old 10 and someone just came right at me. Someone’s going the wrong way? They’re going the wrong way on the expressway,” said a 911 caller.

Two minutes after the 911 call, a head-on crash on US-10.

Investigators don’t know why Brocht was driving west in the eastbound lanes.

It’s something that happens more than you might think.

“Probably in my career I’ve handled six or seven times where I handled someone going the wrong way on the expressway. Most of the time they get turned around before we get to them,” says Clare County Sheriff John Wilson.

But when drivers don’t catch on and turn around, it doesn’t end well, like in Monday’s crash. 

"It’s a horrible accident, I mean we handle a lot of accidents, but when you have the head-on accidents on these highways where the speed limit is 70 or even 55, and most people go a little over the speed limit. We’re lucky to have any survivors in head-on accidents at that high speeds, “says Wilson.

Firefighters worked to get the victims out of the cars.

They say they have responded to too many head-on crashes.

“People are in too big of a hurry today, but I’d say mainly not on here, usually on the two lanes, M-115 is terrible. We’ve had a lot of fatal up on that road,” says Surrey Township Police Chief David Williams.