Traverse City Organization Raises Money To Help Families Of Local Fallen Troops

A group of northern Michigan mothers coming together to raise money for a very special cause.

A new Traverse City non-profit, the Northern Michigan Blue to Gold Star Mothers Inc. held their first public fundraiser Saturday.

“I can tell you, nobody wants to be in that group.”

The Gold Stars; family of a service man or woman who died serving our country.

In northern Michigan there are 30 gold star mothers and 120 gold star families as in spouses and extended family.

Now a group called the Northern Michigan Blue to Gold Star Mothers Inc. are looking to help other Gold Star families.

President Starla Owens says, “When I lost my son I just had my family and close friends for a lot of these families, a lot of these mothers it’s hard for them to grieve because we don’t think anyone knows what we’re going through.”

Families often need financial support so to help, Saturday the organization hosted a To Honor and Remember Fundraiser at Reining Liberty Ranch.

Veteran Art Eisner says, “To do what they do it takes money and without the public’s help, donations and things of that nature they can’t get the word out.”           

Owens says, “Say a spouse needs to get to a service officer. She may not have the funds to get to a service officer she may need help, she might need a ride, she may need a gas card.”

Art Eisner served for 23 years in the Air Force and says regardless of how much money was raised Saturday it goes a long way, not just for the families but for the veterans still here.

“I meet these mothers and for them to talk to somebody that’s been there that’s been through what their son or daughter may be going through now it provides them comfort, provides me comfort it’s just, it’s a great thing.”

For more information on how you can donate email