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MSP Fills Honor Detachment Position in Benzie County

Benzie County will have an extra state police trooper on the road soon.

Last month the state police announced they’re bringing back the Honor Detachment in Benzie County.

The detachment is inside the Homestead Township Hall. It was staffed for several years with two troopers. A shortage troopers shut it down, but years later the detachment program is returning.

“We’re excited.”

Sheriff Ted Schendel says when news broke that the honor detachment was returning the department was excited, but now that the position is filled–it makes that excitement a reality.

“We’re happy he’ll be here shortly and become part of the team basically so I’ve already got his card made up it’s ready to go for him, so that’s how excited we are.”

It’s helpful for not just for the department, but the community and businesses they serve.

Sheriff Schendel says, “It’s an added law enforcement officer in Benzie County which improves the safety not only to the residents but the visitors.”

Susan Lelone, owner of the Platte River Inn in Honor, says, “It’s a wonderful village that we’re in and safe, but you know there’s always things like car accidents, animal deer strikes and cars so just having that extra body on the roads.”

Everyone ready to welcome the trooper to Benzie County.

Sheriff Schendel says, “Whether we wear a blue uniform or a brown uniform or a green uniform like the DNR we’re all one; we all bleed blue and we all work together as a team and like I said he’ll have a card that he can access and we’re going to welcome him as part of the family.”

The new Honor Detachment Trooper starts his patrols August 28.

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