Grand Traverse Co. Commissioners Approve Environmental Cleanup Loan

Grand Traverse County commissioners approved a loan to help clean up polluted areas in Traverse City.

Wednesday night during a meeting, commissioners approved a Department of Environmental Quality environmental loan of $700,000.

The money will go towards the property at 124 West Front Street next to Hotel Indigo.

Soil removal, vapor barriers and dewatering will have to take place to ensure the polluted property is environmentally clean.

Following that, a public parking structure will be built, creating more access to parking off Front Street.

“I worked with our planning department and we brought it back forward to the board for discussion,” explained Alisa Kroupa, a Grand Traverse County Commissioner. “And with several weeks now for commissioners to have time to interact with the planning and development department, talk to our Brownfield director and learn a lot more about the project, how this loan fits into it, and what the greater picture is.”

A start date for the project has not been decided yet.